Pasta Machine


  • Made from chrome and nickel plated steel
  • Clamp model
  • Removable 110 volt electric motor that can be used on any Atlas machines
  • 9 thickness settings
  • Includes attachments to make two kinds of pasta


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With the pasta machine you can prepare, with ingredients of your choice, light and delicious pasta dishes to taste to feel always fit. This model, from the line “wellness”, is equipped with special rollers in alloy for food, with which you can get 3 different types of pasta in 9 thicknesses. The front of the cutting wheels can be removed to be replaced with other optional accessories if necessary. The machine is equipped with a motor of 110 V. leaving your hands free to accompany the pastry. The regular rotation of the engine will give a more uniform thickness to the pastry. The pack includes the crank to drive the wheels, the clamp to set the machine to the table.