Goat Cheese

  • Made from Goat’s milk
  • Flavor: Soft, moist and creamy texture and a mildly tangy
  • Recommended Wine: White Burgundy
  • Product of France
  • Whole Wheel

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Montchevre is an interesting French goat’s milk cheese. The petite logs of Montchevre are covered in salted ash and allowed to age for a short time wrapped in chestnut leaves or vines. While the cheese ages, it develops a thin rind and aure. The flavor also takes a turn for the worse and becomes bitter, so it’s best to enjoy your Montchevre within a short period of time. Montchevre makes a wonderful table cheese and will add character to any cheese platter. Serve it along side crackers or crusty bread. It’s also a good cheese to crumble over a salad for a creamy accent. If you are looking for a wine pairing, try a white Burgundy, also known as the original chardonnay.